Everything You Need to Know About Stitching Vias

Stitching Vias

Everything You Need to Know About Stitching Vias When it comes to designing printed circuit boards (PCBs), one essential concept to understand is stitching vias. These tiny holes play a crucial role in ensuring your PCB works correctly.  In this article, we’ll cover everything you need to know about stitching vias, from what they are […]

What is PCB Tombstone? Exploring the Common Manufacturing Defect

PCB Tombstone

What is PCB Tombstone? When it comes to electronic devices and circuit boards, precision and reliability are paramount. Any deviation from perfection in the manufacturing process can lead to performance issues or even complete system failure. One such manufacturing defect that can plague printed circuit boards (PCBs) is known as “PCB Tombstone.” In this article, […]

What Are PCB Stiffeners?

PCB Stiffeners

What Are PCB Stiffeners? PCB stiffeners act as additional components applied to circuit boards, which aren’t part of the core PCB design. They play vital roles in bolstering particular regions of the PCB and streamlining the board’s handling process. Stiffeners bolster the robustness of PCBs to combat various operational and manufacturing difficulties. In instances involving […]

What is In-Circuit Testing (ICT)?

In-Circuit Testing

What is In-Circuit Testing (ICT)? In-Circuit Testing (ICT) is a pivotal method for ensuring the functionality of electronic components and connections on printed circuit boards (PCBs) early in the production process. ICT employs specialized testing machinery with probes to measure parameters like resistance, capacitance, and inductance, as well as detect shorts. It verifies correct component […]